(Nyffenegger, 2005)

Hey amigo, what happened to your house?
The roof’s blown off
The windows are broken
The door’s gone unhinged
Your backyard is destroyed

The palm trees lost all their leaves
They don’t reach the sky anymore
You can pick the cocos from the bottom
The roots stand naked
There’s too much garbage in the grass
Down in Cancun
Down in Cancun
Down in Cancun

The roads are washed away
The potholes are deep, muddy’n’brown
The cars don’t run anymore
The boats once so beautiful in the water
Lie now wrecked in the frontyard
Tonight at Cancun
Tonight at Cancun
Tonight in Cancun

The smile on your face is gone
There’s a sadness in your eyes
You fear the end is near
But it’ll take much more to give up
It’ll take much more to die

Hurricane, don’t blow me away
Hurricane, don’t destroy my house completely
Hurricane, don’t kill my family
Dear Lord
Dear Lord